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Kids in the Kitchen

Step inside the kitchen where kids can unlock their little master chef with our family recipes.


Ice-Cream Pancakes

Ice-cream for breakfast or dessert, it’s a delicious ice-cream pancake dream!

Download recipe here. 


Hot Dog Monsters

Yummy home made monsters that you can take a bit out of!

Download recipe here. 


Banana Plane Adventures

Prepare to take off into the clouds with this easy out of this world recipe!

Download recipe here.


Under the Sea Toast

Explore under the sea with this tasty and simple breakfast snack! Experiment with different meats and cheese or add in spreads for some extra flavour.

Download recipe here.


Choco Fruit Pops
Test your kitchen skills with these Choco Fruit Pops! Experiment using different fruit slices and even a marshmallow for some extra sweetness.

Download recipe here. 


Ladybug Afternoon Snack

Prepare these open sandwiches that a lady bug has decided to call home!

Download recipe here.

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