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Super School Holidays

Get creative with your kids these school holidays by testing their skills with these fun filled Superhero-Themed at home games and activities!

DIY Superhero Characters

Be ready for action with these fun popsicle characters! Re-create your favourite superhero or make your own.

Download here.

Superhero Comic

Bring your Superhero to life by drawing and colouring a scene that tells the story of your character in action.

Download here.

Superhero Cuffs

Transform into a real life Superhero with these DIY Cuffs! What superpower would your cuffs come with? Use the shapes from the template page to personalise your cuffs.

Download here.

Superhero Mask

If you’re trying to hide your identity while being a superhero then a mask is a must!

Download here.

Superhero Symbols

Colour and cut out your favourite symbols for the Superhero Cuffs and Mask.

Download here. 





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